Dr. Mustafa Barghouti visits Sheikh Jarrah amidst attempts at ethnic cleansing

President of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society Dr. Mustafa Barghouti visited the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem today to meet with its residents amidst recent attempts of displacement and ethnic cleansing on behalf of Israeli settlers. He stated, “Ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity and will be resisted. The Palestinians are the owners and protectors of Jerusalem. We came to be with our people, despite the barriers and prohibitions, and in response to the presence of extreme racists who came from Kiryat Arba settlement and the Israeli Knesset”.

Barghouti added, “We demonstrate our respect to the youth of Jerusalem, the steadfast homeowners, and the people of Sheikh Jarrah, and their courage in confronting the settler colonialists, as they provide an example in the popular nonviolent resistance and confirm that Jerusalem is and will remain a Palestinian city, whether the occupiers like it or not, and that ethnic cleansing will not pass, neither in Sheikh Jarrah nor Silwan or other areas”.