What does the future hold for innocent Palestinian children living in Gaza?

The children of Gaza, have never known peace, what future do they have, with ongoing violence, fear and terror a daily part of their life?

The 2014 Israeli war on Gaza lead Palestinian children to suffer psychologically, both in the short and long term. It is already known living in war zones can lead to adverse psychological outcomes, especially for children. The ongoing Israeli violence that permeates all parts of Gaza in its targeting of residential buildings is simply obstructive and unjust. On May 14 alone, 119 Palestinians were killed, including 31 children. It is worth noting several of these children were also left without parents due to the attacks. Ask yourself what would this lead to?

Palestinian children are experiencing feelings of insecurity, anxiety, trauma, and fear. The psychological impact stemming from trauma is extremely common in Gaza and will continue to grow as children are subjected to Israeli military strikes, violence, and besiegement. If you are reading this and feel hesitant as to what you can do or whom you are with, consider the future of those innocent children and how they will grow up? Help Palestinians spread the word and end Israeli settler colonialism and illegal military occupation.