Ibtisam, 28, fatally shot at Qalandia Military checkpoint

Ibtisam Ka’abneh, 28, was shot and left to succumb to her wounds at the Qalandia military checkpoint, North Jerusalem. Ka’abaneh, from Aqbet Jabar refugee camp in Jericho, is a mother, and was formerly detained for around 18 months in occupation jails in 2016-2018. Israeli media alleges Ibtisam was holding a knife in an attempt to stab soldiers, and was shot after warning her to stop from coming forward.

Palestinian news agency, WAFA and Quds state, according to eyewitnesses, she was shot by the Israeli Occupation Forces and left wounded and lying on the ground, before closing the barrier completely and preventing vehicles and pedestrians from passing. The videos and images published do not show any indication of an attempted attack from her body angle and is some distance away from the actual checkpoint stop. There are no released videos showing the ‘attack’.

The killing comes a day after a Palestinian teenager, Mohamed Hamayel, 15, was shot dead by the Israeli Occupation Forces on Friday during a protest in the village of Beita south east Nablus. Protests were held on a weekly basis against the illegal settlement built on Jabal Sbeh. Soldiers claimed the riots ‘endangered’ their lives.