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  • ICC probe into Israel nears completion amid US threats | March 26, 2019
    Despite US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo‘s announcement that ICC investigators probing alleged crimes committed by the US or its allies - specifically Israel - will face harsh repercussions, this will not affect the recent ICC probe into Israel‘s use of lethal force in Palestine. .....
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  • Palestine to chair the UN G77 | October 22, 2018
    While Palestine only holds observer status at the UN, a resolution has been passed to allow the nation to chair the G77 in 2019, after the agency voted last month for their presidency. .....
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  • PLO calls on UN to blacklist Israel | October 10, 2018
    The PLO Secretary-General has called on the UN to add Israel to the list of countries which violate children’s rights since nearly 100 Palestinian children have been injured or killed by Israeli forces in this year alone. .....
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  • UNSC resolution a “very powerful base” for advancing BDS efforts | December 27, 2016
    The resolution adopted last Friday by the UN Security Council, reaffirming the illegality of all Israeli settlements and demanding an end to settlement construction, was welcomed by most Palestinian analysts as a good legal base to advance the BDS campaign, take Israel to the ICC and demand sanctions. But words must be translated into action. .....
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  • West Bank settlers to build 463 new houses despite UN, USA condemnation | September 03, 2016
    Settlements in the West Bank will be hosting another 463 housing units, after permission for several major building projects was granted by the Israeli Civil Administration on August 31. Four illegal settlements in the central West Bank - Elkana, Ofarim, Beit Arye and Giva‘t Ze‘ev - are to expand. Over 2500 new builds have been approved. .....
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  • Homelessness still rife in Gaza | February 03, 2015
    Almost six months after Israel’s Operation Protective Edge ended, living conditions for the vast majority of the approximately 108,000 Palestinians left homeless are still appalling. .....
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  • Barghouti: Go immediately to the ICC | December 31, 2014
    In light of the failure on Tuesday of a Palestinian draft resolution calling for peace with Israel within a year and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories by late 2017, the Palestinian leadership should go directly to the International Criminal Court, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti said Tuesday evening. .....
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  • Why We Need International Recognition of the State of Palestine | October 20, 2014
    Sweden’s recent responsible decision to officially recognize the State of Palestine was quickly followed by the British Parliament’s vote for similar recognition. The Swedish and British moves, clearly grounded in a desire for peace, are a last-ditch effort to save the two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. .....
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  • Psychological damage of Gazan children will have long-term consequences | August 13, 2014
    Hassan al-Zeyada, 50, works as a psychologist at the Gaza Community Mental Health Program’s center in Gaza City. He treats several residents who suffer from psychological trauma due to Israeli military operations in the coastal enclave. When his own home was shelled on 20 July, killing six of his family members, he found himself with difficult ... .....
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  • After Israel cancels prisoner release, PA turns to UN in response | April 02, 2014
    Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed documents requesting membership in 15 United Nations institutions on Tuesday 2 April in an attempt to gain Palestinian statehood outside the auspices of the current peace negotiations. In doing so, Abbas broke his initial promise, made as part of the agreement which brought the two sides ... .....
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  • Christmas Eve demolitions leave more than 60 homeless | December 31, 2013
    Early on Christmas Eve, Israeli wrecking crews flattened a Palestinian Bedouin community on a beautiful hilltop in the Ramallah Governorate of the occupied West Bank, demolishing more than a dozen homes and leaving 15 families in temporary tents. Days later, despite the hardship, the residents are proud, hospitable, and determined to hold ... .....
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  • Women on hunger strike for the "Old Prisoners" | March 18, 2013
    Sawsan and Nasim Shaheen are two sisters that began their hunger strike together on February 20 in a tent in front of the United Nations building in Ramallah. They have joined the Palestinian hunger striking prisoners in order to demand the liberation of political prisoners incarcerated by Israel.  The youngest one, Sawsan, is thirty four and... .....
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  • Palestine’s UN Bid Success: To what ends? | December 01, 2012
    At midnight on Thursday a jubilant Palestine celebrated the overwhelming success of the United Nations General Assembly vote.  In the centre of Ramallah, crowds of hopeful Palestinians gathered around a projection screen as the result of the vote was televised live from New York. In the end 138 member states voted in support of Palestine’s bid... .....
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