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Operation Protective Edge

  • Web documentary tells stories of Gaza‘s obliterated families | July 17, 2016
    In commemoration of the second anniversary of the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza, photojournalists Anne Paq and Ala Qandil released a multimedia web project. Obliterated Families offers a deep and intimate journey into the lives of those who survived; it transcribes their pain, and their struggle for existence in the aftermath. .....
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  • Israeli army vets slam policy used in Gaza war | May 04, 2015
    Breaking the Silence has harshly criticized the Israeli army for its operational policy during last summer’s aggression in the Gaza Strip, arguing that it lead to “immense and unprecedented harm to the civilian population and infrastructures in the Gaza Strip.” .....
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  • Uncovering the truth in Khuza’a | January 27, 2015
    As one of the coldest winters in recent history across Palestine and the Middle East starts to break, and people begin to look toward the spring, the inhabitants of Khuza’a in the Gaza Strip are still reeling from the effects of the July-August 2014 war. The approximately one and a half month conflict left 2,205 Palestinians dead, mostly unarmed... .....
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  • Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes | December 09, 2014
    Israeli air strikes on landmark buildings toward the tail end of this summer‘s Operation Protective Edge amount to war crimes, Amnesty International said in a report on Tuesday, calling for an immediate independent and impartial investigation. .....
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  • New 72-hour Gaza ceasefire to start at midnight | August 10, 2014
    As ‘Operation Protective Edge’ enters its 32nd day, a new 72-hour halt to hostilities in Gaza has been agreed upon. It is hoped that this ceasefire, starting at midnight Sunday, will pave the way for a more lasting truce between Hamas and Israel. .....
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  • What’s happening in Gaza is a colonial confrontation, not a conflict | August 03, 2014
    I use the word ‘conflict’ to describe the confrontation between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement that governs the Gaza strip, with hesitation. In fact, I probably shouldn’t use it at all. This is because the word ‘conflict’ inadequately conveys the full measure of inequality between the two sides: occupier and occupied. .....
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  • The world must intervene to restrain the Israeli army | July 10, 2014
    The world watches but does nothing as yet another crisis unfolds. The tragedy of the disappearance and killing of three Israeli teenagers last month has provoked a campaign of collective punishment against Palestinian citizens across the occupied territories. Mass arrests have been carried out, whose victims include Palestinian parliamentarians. .....
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  • Nonviolent Resistence | March 15, 2010
    Non-Violence is an alternative to either armed resistance or passive acceptance of the status quo. It is both a strategy and a philosophy which rejects violence as a means to promote change, and instead aims to change power relations through assertive acts of omission (refusal to do something) or commission (actively challenging the status quo).... .....
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