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  • NGO fights to protect victims of settler violence | November 29, 2016
    91 percent of cases against settlers are closed by the Israeli police without an indictment. “The Israeli state colludes with the settlers. They make it a systematic policy to intimidate the Palestinians and get them off their land.”.....
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  • The Sufis of Nablus | November 27, 2016
    In the corkscrew lanes of Nablus’ medieval centre, just a few steps from the austere beauty of the grand mosque, there is a low room with some plastic chairs and rich carpet. At first glance, it looks the same as any other Muslim holy place. But this room is actually a tekyeh, home to the Naqshbandi sect of Sufism. .....
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  • Arafat museum opens on anniversary of his death | November 10, 2016
    For forty years, Yasser Arafat dominated Palestinian politics. He was there through it all: Black September; the catastrophe in Lebanon; Oslo; the two intifadas. Mahmoud Darwish proclaimed that Arafat shaped “Palestinian national identity.” .....
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  • Orphanage battles to help kids in the face of trauma | November 07, 2016
    At first glance, Jeel El-Amal (‘generation of hope‘) looks like a normal school. But about a quarter of its students are orphans who live on site, many of whom have suffered abuse, spent time on the street, or were exposed to violence. While good quality mental health care is hard to come by in the West Bank, the orphanage offers alternative approaches to helping children affected by trauma. .....
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  • From Beijing to Ramallah: Chinese medicine comes to Palestine | November 02, 2016
    Green tea, Taoism, acupuncture. Where do you expect to find these hallmarks of traditional Chinese medicine? Shanghai? Guangdong? Maybe some bohemian corner of Paris or Berlin? The Palestine Monitor spoke with Chinese-trained Ousama Habiballah, the first practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine in Palestine. .....
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  • Traditional oud-maker salvages ancient Palestinian tradition | October 22, 2016
    The Israeli occupation has caused a lot of harm to a lot of people. But at least it got Samer Totah interested in the oud, an Arab stringed instrument similar to the lute. But during the First Intifada, Totah and his cousins would sit in their garden and listen to the old classics of the oud tradition. .....
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  • The Qalandiya Festival and the Limits of Artistic Activism | October 10, 2016
    “It has been an adventure to arrive at this moment,” began Aline Khoury, the media coordinator for the third Qalandiya International Festival (QIF). It is easy to see what she means. The event took two years to organise. Exhibits are hundreds of miles apart. One of the venues, the West Bank, is subject to a foreign occupation. .....
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  • Musical kindergarten offers future to Palestinian children | September 27, 2016
    The most striking thing about the school is its educational ethos. As the headmistress, Fida, explains, the kindergarten is not a “music school” in the typical sense. Other schools in Ramallah teach music. But the kindergarten, with its twenty-five pupils, is different: “We have lessons with two teachers, the music teacher and the subject teacher .....
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  • Ramallah Fun Run Raises Awareness for Palestinian Children | September 24, 2016
    On September 23, the Palestine Medical Relief Society (PMRS) hosted a fun run for children as part of its Lost Childhood campaign, with the support of Right To Movement, Ramallah. About 400 children, aged 5-14, were bussed into Ramallah from all over the West Bank, including several refugee camps. .....
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  • No Respite for Susya | September 22, 2016
    The Palestinian village of Susya, in the South Hebron Hills, is still at risk of being erased from the map by Israel. This is despite an international campaign to save it last year. The most recent threat came after several Israeli MPs visited Susya on September 19, and some of the settlers accompanying them allegedly attacked local Palestinians. .....
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  • Hunger Strikers Defiant as Administrative Detention Continues | September 20, 2016
    The condition of three Palestinian hunger strikers, held under Israel‘s administrative detention laws, has become critical, the Palestinian Detainees Affairs Commission has said. In a statement of September 17, reported by WAFA, the Commission‘s lawyers claimed that the three men had reached a “critical stage”. .....
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