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  • Journalist shot whilst filming soldiers needs constructive facial surgery | April 18, 2013
    Mohammed Al-Azza was covering the entrance of Israeli soldiers into Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem. Born and raised in Aida Mohammed works as a journalist documenting the constant incursions of Israeli soldiers into the camp.  At around 5:30 pm on April 9 Israeli soldiers had started to advance into the camp. At the time there was no protest... .....
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  • Palestinian Christians denied to visit the holy sites for Easter | April 13, 2013
    Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are two of the most important dates in the Christian calendar. Jerusalem is a pivotal part of these festivities.  According to the bible Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey where the people lay down their cloaks and waved palm leaves, hence Palm Sunday. It is also the place where the bible depicts the... .....
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  • Egypt’s Rafah border crossing still remains an obstacle for Palestinians | April 08, 2013
    With border crossings, countries and even continents to contend with, a traditional wedding for one young couple in love was impossible. Manal Abu Shanar and Emad al-Malalha were due to marry in Egypt but the groom was denied entry to the country. Whilst his new wife Manal lives in the Egyptian city of Rafah, Emad is a Gazan citizen meaning the... .....
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  • Crackdown on Aida camp‘s youth by Israeli occupation | April 01, 2013
    US President Barack Obama’s visit to the historic town of Bethlehem on Friday March 22 only lasted for 30 minutes. His short visit did not include a trip to the refugee camp Aida in Beit Jala, Bethlehem. The camp lies next to the Apartheid Wall and as a result is often invaded by Israeli soldiers.  On February 25, two young boys were shot... .....
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  • Embroidery in Dheisheh camp financially improves women‘s lives | March 25, 2013
    On March 8 of every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated as a symbolic reminder to the rest of the world of the struggles of women across the globe. “International Women‘s Day for Palestinian women this year means a lot of struggle, a lot of power that must be gained for Palestinian women because we are facing two kinds of oppression... .....
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  • Hope of justice for Ziad Jilani, three years after his death | March 15, 2013
    On Wednesday March 13, the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem gave a ray of hope to a family who have been fighting for justice over the shooting of their father and husband, Ziad Jilani, nearly three years ago. Ziad Jilani was killed after a traffic incident on the main road leading to Wadi Joz, in occupied East Jerusalem. His car swerved... .....
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  • Mohammed Asfour latest victim to die at the hands of Israeli army | March 12, 2013
    Mohammed Asfour became the most recent victim in the recent clashes that have erupted across the West Bank since February 19. He died two days before celebrating his 23rd birthday, on March 7, two weeks after he was shot by the Israeli army. According to an OCHA report, during the six day period from the 19- 25 of February 440 Palestinians were... .....
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  • Love in the time of Apartheid | March 11, 2013
    On March 9, the Israeli army prevented a symbolic wedding from taking place near Hizma checkpoint, a checkpoint separating Ramallah from Jerusalem. The groom from the West Bank attempted to make his way to the checkpoint to meet his bride, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, who was arriving from Nazareth, in the north of what is now called Israel. .....
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  • OCHA: Over 400 Palestinians injured at the end of February | March 07, 2013
    During the week of February 19 until February 25, there have been 440 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces, according to OCHA’s latest report. OCHA’s weekly summary of events documented the injuries that took place during violent clashes between Israeli forces and protestors who demonstrated against the death of Arafat Jaradat in Megiddo... .....
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  • Salesian community wages war against Israel’s Apartheid Wall | February 27, 2013
    For over 150 years the monks have been growing grapes to make the West Banks ‘Cremisan’ wine, surviving off the costs they earn from the sale of the wines. Around the vineyard the community of Salesian monks and nuns has flourished. The slopes of Walajeh, the Palestinian village where the Cremisan Valley lies is home to the Salesian Sisters of... .....
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  • Yesh Din: Growing trends of impunity in the Israeli army | February 21, 2013
    The use of live ammunition by the Israeli army is a growing trend that has led to the deaths of five Palestinian youths in 2013 already. Sadly for the families of the youths killed, it is unlikely they will ever see justice. Alongside the rising death rate there is a growing trend of impunity amongst the Israeli army. Palestine Monitor recently... .....
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  • Profiling Israel‘s undercover Mistaarvim unit | February 18, 2013
    Little is known about the internal operations of the Israeli undercover units.  The group ‘Mistaarvim’ in Hebrew or “Musta’rabeen” in Arabic is an undercover unit whose members serve in various sections of the Israeli army. Translated from Hebrew it literally means ‘Arab pretenders.’ The Mistaarvim are an elite branch of supposed... .....
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  • Demolition orders issued for al Fuhaidat village in Anata enclave | February 12, 2013
    The once quiet agricultural village of Fuheidat in the West Bank town of Anata is hemmed in on three sides by the Israeli military base West Anatot. On January 29th the villagers received demolition orders for fourteen houses. A week later two more homeowners were called to Bet El military court where they received afurther two demolition orders.. .....
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  • The shrinking village of Bil’in and its resistance | February 11, 2013
    Bil’in is a small village near the city of Ramallah hemmed in on the west by eight Jewish settlements. As more and more of the village’s land has been confiscated over the years to make way for the flourishing settlement communities, huge chunks of Bil’in has been steadily disappearing. Today 60% of Bil’in land has been annexed for... .....
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  • The murder of Odai Qadous two years on: Absent justice | February 01, 2013
    Two years ago on January 27th, 15 year old Odai Qadous was murdered by a Jewish settler as he worked on the land his family owned in the Nablus village of Iraq Burin.   Odai and his cousin Omar Qadous were approached by the settler as they farmed their family’s land. According to his cousin the settler swore and screamed at them... .....
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  • A surrounded city; Nablus and its settlers | January 23, 2013
    The region of Nablus is surrounded by Israeli settlements making it not only subject to Israeli military control but also to the flourishing radical Jewish communities that live within these settlements. Ghassan Daghlas, an official in charge of the settler violence file for the Nablus governorate, pointed out that a chunk of all settlements... .....
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  • Teenager shot in his head in Aida refugee camp | January 20, 2013
    On Friday January 18th at approximately 3.20 pm, sixteen year old Saleh Elamareen was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier in Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem. Elamareen is from the neighbouring refugee camp of al-Azza. Aida lies directly next to the Apartheid Wall, and as a result clashes between the refugees and the Israeli army often occur..... .....
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  • Samer Issawi hunger strike: Israel targets his family | January 07, 2013
    As people all over the world participate in today’s global hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, Samer Issawi has become an international figure of determination in his fight against the violations of the occupation. As he nears the end of his 164th day of hunger strike it is clear to Israel that Samer’s strength will continue........
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  • Al Mufaqara to rebuild mosque for the third time | January 01, 2013
    On December 22nd residents of Al Mufaqara village in the South Hebron Hills began to clear the remains of their mosque in preparation for its rebuild, which was destroyed by the Israeli military on December 4th. This will be the third time the mosque will be rebuilt after its second demolition in two years... .....
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  • Eleven men on hunger strike with prisoners | December 29, 2012
    As the plights of long term hunger strikers Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawneh became even more critical, on Thursday, December 20th a group of eleven young men began their own hunger strikes in a show of support. Held without any charge on administrative detention, Issawi and Sharawneh’s strikes have continued with little reaction on the ground... .....
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  • Live ammunition and child arrests: IDF response to protests | December 25, 2012
    In condemnation of the recent murder of 17 year old Mohammad Ziad Awad Salaymah, protests broke out in Aida refugee camp the following day. The teenager was shot dead on Wednesday, December 12th, by an Israeli border officer at a checkpoint in Hebron. According to Israeli sources Salaymah pulled a pistol out at the officers, which later turned... .....
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  • International football players join BDS Campaign | December 16, 2012
    The campaign to boycott Israel has gained further global recognition, with the public condemnation of recent events in Gaza by top international football players. Sixty-two players have shown their support for Palestine after the UEFA decision chose Israel to host the 2013 under 21 European championship.... .....
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  • Fighting the culture of impunity in Israeli army murders | December 15, 2012
    On Monday 3rd December 2012, 37 year old Palestinian worker Hatem Shadid was shot dead by members of the Israeli internal security service, Shin Bet, after a road collision. According to Israeli officials, Shadid’s car rammed into the Israeli jeep, carrying two intelligence officers, causing it to crash. He then got out and attacked the officers.. .....
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  • Bukra Ahla: “Tomorrow is Better” | December 13, 2012
    Last Wednesday the people of Jenin filed into Jenin cinema to watch the theatre’s second annual youth film festival entitled,”Bukra Ahla.” The festival was the culmination of the hard work of students from Jenin Creative Cultural Centre, the Ariad School and the University School of Academic Education, who, for a number of weeks had been attend... .....
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  • E-1 construction severs contiguity of Palestinian state | December 09, 2012
    Ramallah—As the Palestinian national flag took its place amongst the world’s flags in New York on Thursday, the world was awaiting Israel’s reaction. The world did not have to wait long. Before even the projection screen in Ramallah had been taken down, Netanyahu had unveiled his ‘punishment’ to the newly proclaimed state. Less than 24 hours..... .....
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  • The fight for the land: Al Mufaqara’s mosque destroyed again | December 07, 2012
    On Tuesday morning at 6.30 AM, Israeli soldiers closed the road leading to the small village of Al Mufaqara, situated in the South Hebron Hills, which lies within a proclaimed ‘firing Zone’ adjacent to the green line. By the end of the morning two bulldozers had demolished the small mosque, built with the villagers own hands and determination. .....
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  • Palestine’s UN Bid Success: To what ends? | December 01, 2012
    At midnight on Thursday a jubilant Palestine celebrated the overwhelming success of the United Nations General Assembly vote.  In the centre of Ramallah, crowds of hopeful Palestinians gathered around a projection screen as the result of the vote was televised live from New York. In the end 138 member states voted in support of Palestine’s bid... .....
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