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  • Five Palestinian teens face life in prison for alleged stone throwing | July 23, 2013
    Five Palestinian boys, aged 16-17, are facing 25 years to life in prison for alleged stone throwing. The boys were each charged with 25 counts of attempted murder after being accused of causing an accident in which a settler driven car crashed into parked truck near Salfit, occupied West Bank. On Thursday evening March 14th, a car driven by........ .....
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  • Tayba checkpoint-A daily nightmare for Palestinian workers | July 18, 2013
    The Tayba checkpoint in the northwest city of Tulkarem, occupied Palestinian territories, is one of the main crossings for Palestinian workers into Israel. Tayba is the entry point for workers from the Tulkarem, Jenin and Nablus districts. Between 5,000 and 7,000 Palestinians cross Tayba checkpoint into Israel every day in order to reach their..... .....
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  • Kufr Qaddum Stands Strong | July 16, 2013
    On Thursday July 4th, the Kufr Qaddum village in the occupied Palestinian territories celebrated its two year anniversary of peaceful protests against the Israeli occupation. On Friday the weekly protest was violently suppressed by Israeli soldiers. Kufr Qaddum village held a festival to commemorate two years of peaceful resistance against....... .....
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  • Nonviolent Resistance in the South Hebron Hills | July 09, 2013
    Villages in the South Hebron Hills experienced three days of continuous Israeli army and settler violence between the 4th and 6th of July. This escalation of violence occurred just days after the sixth annual Popular Resistance Festival was held in the village of Khalett Athaba, located in Israeli Firing Zone 918 in the hills south of Hebron.. .....
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  • Palestinian hunger strikers secure move to prisons closer to home | July 02, 2013
    Eight Palestinian prisoners began a collective hunger strike, on Monday 17 June, in response to their transfer to prisons in southern Israel, away from their families. All of the men were put in solitary confinement after launching their strike. Last week Israeli authorities conceded to the hunger strikers demands, allowing the men..... .....
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  • Azzun Atma resists construction of new separation wall | June 25, 2013
    The first demonstration against Israel’s construction of its ‘Separation Wall’ on land belonging to the Azzun – Beit Amin School was held in the village of Azzun Atma on Friday 21 June. Just a few days earlier, on 18 June, bulldozers accompanied by Israeli army jeeps and border police began preparation work for the wall’s construction in the ... .....
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  • East Jerusalem: Settler violence and demolition orders on the rise | June 11, 2013
     Last week Palestinians in East Jerusalem witnessed a sharp escalation in settler violence. Israeli Settlers burn a vehicle in Sheikh Jarrah, damaged vehicles in the neighborhood of al-Tur and attacked a Palestinian taxi driver in the Pisgat Zeev settlement. Additionally, demolition orders were issued by Israeli authorities on buildings in ... .....
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  • Children detained by Israeli army as young as 6 years old: a new trend? | June 10, 2013
    Children younger than 12-years old can’t be charged or sentenced, according to the Israeli military law to which Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are subjected; however, the Israeli army has repeatedly violated this law over the years and reports show an increase in the number of children detained in recent years, some of which ... .....
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  • Israel Approves Nearly 300 New Homes in Beit El Settlement | May 20, 2013
    On Wednesday, May 8 2013, Israel approved the construction of 296 new homes in the Beit El settlement near Ramallah. This move is likely to increase tensions as US Secretary of State John Kerry is seeking to revive peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians that have stalled since 2010. .....
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