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“Ali is on the grill,” Jewish extremists chant slogans celebrating the Duma arson attack

By Annelies Verbeek - July 04, 2018
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Far-right Israelis chanted hate slogans outside a courtroom in Lod, expressing their support of the 2015 Duma arson attack, the Times of Israel reported June 19.

In late July 2015, extremist Israeli settlers killed three Palestinians, firebombing the home of the Dawabsha family before dawn. The mother, Riham, father Saad Dawabsha, and youngest family member Ali, 18-months-old, died as a result of their burns.
Ali’s big brother, four-year-old Ahmad was the sole survivor of the attack. He suffered from third degree burns over 60% of his body, and was released from the hospital one year after the attack. His grandfather Hussein and uncle Nasr Dawabsha now serve as his legal guardians.
The court case was held to rule on the admissibility of confessions by the main suspects; 23-year-old extremist settler Amiram Ben-Ulliel and a minor, whose name is under gag order.
As Nasr and Hussein Dawabsha walked out of the courtroom accompanied by Palestinian members of Knesset Ayman Odeh and Ahmad Tibi, extremists sang “Ali is on the grill,” celebrating the murder of 18-year-old Ali Dawabsha.
Ben-Uliel, the main suspect and his accomplice, were first charged with murder July last year.
Israeli authorities had initially said there was not sufficient proof to try the the settlers who perpetrated the attack. Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon had then stated “we know who is responsible for this terrorist act, but we do not have enough proof to try them yet.”
These comments were met by criticism from pro-Palestinian media sources decrying the unwillingness of the Israeli Authorities to prosecute the settlers.
The slowness of Israeli authorities prosecuting the settlers was in stark contrast with the efficiency the Israeli authorities demonstrate prosecuting Palestinian attackers, often extrajudicially executing them and systematically demolishing the family home.
Two months after the arson attack on the Dawabsha home, the Israeli military demolished five houses in Duma, the houses belonging to the families of Palestinians who perpetrated attacks against settlers.
A year after the indictment of Ben-Uliel and the minor, the prosecution was forced to drop the charges against the minor, because the confession was obtained “under duress.”
The minor claimed that the Israeli Security Agency, Shin Bet, tortured him for four days.
The judges Ruth Horch, Tzvi Dotan and Devorah Atar wrote that “these measures severely violated the defendant’s fundamental right to preserve the integrity of the body, soul, and the dignity of the accused,” according to the Times of Israel.
The Shin Bet is notorious for its torture methods against Palestinians. Confessions obtained under duress are not ordinarily dismissed by the military courts West Bank Palestinians are tried under.
“[The use of torture] is certainly nothing new. The new aspect of it is that it happened to Jews. It is very rarely, if ever, done on Jews” Mike Wagenheim, an Israeli correspondent for i24news stated.  
This is not the first time Israeli right-wingers openly express their support for the murder of the Dawabsha family. In December 2015, a video was shared showing Israeli extremists celebrating the murder of the youngest family member, 18-month-old Ali, during a wedding in Jerusalem.

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