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Barghouthi: The Palestinian people will not be deterred from their dedication to non-violent resistance

By Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi - May 14, 2018
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The Israeli army committed a horrible massacre today, killing 43 civilian Palestinians and injuring more than 2000 people, including more than 500 people with live fire. 

50 other Palestinians are critically injured and could die from their wounds.
Among those killed and injured are children, journalists and medic personnel who were trying to help the injured.
In addition to snipers shooting civilians with lethal, high velocity bullets, the Israeli army bombarded Gaza with airplanes and artillery. They tried to provoke military action from the Palestinian side but failed because Palestinians are committed to non-violent resistance.
For years we’ve been told by internationals that we should use the methods of Martin Luther King and Ghandi, which is exactly what Palestinians are doing today. They are unified in popular, non-violent resistance.
Though, the only response we get from Israel is lethal power and the killing of Palestinians in a ruthless way.
For the last five weeks Israel has killed more than 91 Palestinians and injured thousands. Not a single Israeli was injured, yet the Israeli Army violates international law on a daily basis.
We demand the world community to immediately exercise serious and effective pressure on Israel to stop its violations of international law and to stop the massacres against civilian protesters.
The Israeli Army massacres will not break the Palestinian non-violent resistance. They will not provoke us and will not succeed in deviating us in choosing this way of struggle.
The Palestinian people are more determined than ever to continue their struggle in order to have freedom from occupation and from the system of apartheid.
We will not be a slave of their racist discrimination and system of apartheid.
We will get freedom and justice.

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