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Conserving the precious Palestinian environment with art

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By Henry James - April 04, 2018
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Entering the month of Earth Day, a non-profit organisation Amideast which teaches English and the basics of American culture in Palestine, organised a cleaning day in Terra Fidea, a suburb of Ramallah. 

On April 1, the Ramallah Amideast students helped volunteer farmer Zahran Y. Jaghab clean his land. Terra Fidea, 'Land of Fidelity,’ is considered to be a historic area of great significance to Palestinians heritage in the city of Ramallah. This valley is situated between two mountains in which ancient Roman olive trees flourish, as well as pine, oak, eucalyptus, figs, peaches, almonds, apricots.
Jaghab explained to the Palestine Monitor; “We are here in a nature reserve, but sadly there’s a lot of pollution and damages. People don’t care about it and they throw lots of garbage into the valley. Mostly used car tires.” According to Jaghab, the idea was to keep preserving the area and create awareness for the local kids and families. In association with Amideast, they agreed on bringing students regularly to help them clean the valley, in a positive and educational way.
Amideast teacher Wafaa explained to Palestine Monitor; “We are [currently] studying Earth Day, and this activity can relate to Earth day. It’s about recycling and how we can protect the environment in the best way.”
The students, aged 14 to 16 years old, seemed to enjoy the activity that involved painting on the tires that they found in the valley, dumped by an industrial located area nearby.
The school and Jaghab have developed a relationship over a number of years.
“There was a need of volunteering and doing social services. So we have regularly worked now for two years with Amideast, for the olive harvest, cleaning up the valley, and now this idea to collect tires to use them as fences, for example. We wanted to make something fun and interesting for the students also, and they enjoy painting,” Jaghab said.
“This area deserves love because it gives us love.”

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