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Israel attacks the Estelle ship in international waters

By Editor - October 20, 2012
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The Estelle is now under attack — I have just had a message from them by phone,” Victoria Strand, a Stockholm-based spokeswoman for the Ship to Gaza Sweden campaign told AFP.

The Ship to Gaza website has confirmed the attack, noting that it took place in international waters:

According to Dror Feiler, spokesperson for Ship to Gaza Sweden, the Estelle was attacked at 10.15 AM CET. Five or six military vessels surrounded the Estelle. Soldiers  wearing masks are now trying to board the ship. The attack took place on international water: N31 26 E33 45

General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative party Dr Mustafa Barghouti denounced Israel’s interception of the Estelle.

“I strongly condemn this act of piracy by the Israeli army and navy who attacked peaceful activists carrying humanitarian aid,” Dr Barghouti stated. “The Estelle was surrounded by five Israeli ships before getting boarded by Israeli navy officers who arrested all 30 passengers and taking them to Ashdod for detention. Israel is violating international law by attacking the ship in international waters. This act of piracy should be condemned, as well as the continued siege on Gaza.”

The last update from the ship came an hour before the attack and described how the 30 passengers on board were all in high spirits, with 38 miles left to reach the besieged coastal strip and no sign of Israeli ships. The Estelle is carrying humanitarian needs such as wheelchairs, crutches, olive trees, and 300 footballs.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has previously stated that it will not allow the ship to approach Gaza.

The Gaza’s Ark website has issued a press statement, below:

Israel attacks the Estelle in International Waters Kidnaps Parliamentarians and activists

for immediate release

Montreal, 20121020-04h30
Shortly after 4:00AM EDT when the Estelle was in international waters approx. 17 Nautical Miles north of Arish, Egypt (as per the last coordinates we have) Israeli war ships surrounded it and the assault on the peaceful ship started.

Communications were lost at that time and all reports we got from the ship were choppy.

Among others, the following individuals were on board:
Former Member of Parliament Manly James, Canada
Member of Parliament Hagen Aksel, Norway
Member of Parliament Britton Sven, Sweden
Member of Parliament Kodelas Dimitios, Greece
Member of Parliament Sixto Ricardo, Spain
Member of Parliament Diamantopoulos Evangelos, Greece


See Jim Manly’s pre-recorded video message:

Our previous releases on the Estelle and Jim Manly can be found here:

Jim Manly + 8707 76 727 941 (unfortunately Israel now blocked all communication to the ship)
See Jim Manly’s pre-recorded video message:

Eva Manly 250-616-3166
Ehab Lotayef 514-941-9792
Sandra Ruch 416-716-4010
Nino Pagliccia 604-831-9821

David Heap +972 59 289 3106

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