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Barghouthi: Update from the impending demolition of Khan al Ahmar

By Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi - July 05, 2018
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Since the morning the Israeli forces blocked all the roads leading into the Bedouin village of Khan al Ahmar.
They then declared a curfew inside the village, lasting until 4.15pm, further restricting the freedom of movement of everyone in the area.
Activists and residents chained themselves to bulldozers, resulting in the Israeli army viciously attacking them as well as medics and journalists.
Solidarity volunteers were present from across the world.
A young woman from Canada as well as other internationals from Britain and the US were arrested during the clashes with the army.
As the Israeli forces continued bulldozing, they refused to allow medical teams to enter.
Only one doctor was allowed to access patients hurt in the scuffle.
Palestinian Medical Relief Society volunteers from Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah were present.
Myself and leaders of Khan al Ahmar received Consulate Generals and representatives of Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland and Ireland.
All of them on arrival were prevented from entering the village, including the school they built with international finances.
The Israeli forces said they would consult with their headquarters regarding diplomats entry though no permission was granted.
Israel humiliated the representatives in a horrible manner.
The diplomats are asking their respective states to exercise immediate and direct pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating there will be very serious consequences if they demolish Khan al Ahmar.
The popular resistance displayed in Khan al Ahmar will continue.
There is a call for mass prayer in the village tomorrow, welcoming people from all over Palestine to join.
This is just one action of solidarity with the people in Khan al Ahmar.
As the bulldozers have worked their way inside the village, clearly paving the road to bring in buses to evacuate people, the demolition could take place tomorrow.
We call on the international community to immediately take action to prevent and stop Israel from doing so.

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