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Netanyahu Lays Out His Ideal Israel-Palestine Relationship

By Martin Leeper - March 14, 2018
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Last week, March 7, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained his vision of an Israel-Palestine solution at the Economic Club of Washington D.C. Claiming to represent the majority of Israeli opinion, Netanyahu clearly stated his idea for a future. Israel should remain separate and impervious to Palestinians while maintaining total military control.

This is not a new position for the Israeli right, or even Netanyahu, who is still to the left of many Israeli parliament members. However, speaking in English to an American audience where the two-state solution is still the preferred mantra, Netanyahu openly denied ever giving Palestine sovereignty.
“I don’t want the Palestinians as citizens of Israel,” Netanyahu said. However, “the area west of the Jordan, that includes the Palestinian areas, would be militarily under Israel.”
While never a true supporter of the Oslo Accords, Netanyahu has paid lip service to the two-state solution for a while, particularly to a western audience. This, however, is a distinct break from the norm.
In fact, it is a distinctly different tone than the one take by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference just two days prior. The CEO of AIPAC miming the platitudes of “we must all work toward that future: two states for two peoples.”
The annual AIPAC multi-day conference hosts a wide range of politicians and pro-Israel voices from both Israel and the US. 18,000 people attended this year’s conference, including Netanyahu himself.
Clearly Netanyahu’s vision is not two states, for two peoples but one state with ultimate authority over another, or, what Israel-Palestine is today.
The most disingenuous discrepancy here, however, is not the difference between Netanyahu’s statements and those of the American-Israel lobby. For those who have spent time in between Israel and the West Bank, Netanyahu is merely softly alluding to what is blatantly obvious on the ground. Israel, to any conscious observer, has no intentions of giving up its military control.
It has no intention in working equally with the Palestinian Authorities, no intention of succeeding or compromising any ground whatsoever—fromexpanding settlements in Palestinian territory, to demolishing schoolhouses, to refusing entrance to West Bank travelers, to arresting students.
Israel has full control over the land west of the Jordan river, which is exactly what Netanyahu and his government wants to retain. What he wants is what’s happening and the two state solution is an imaginary figment.
The most duplicitous part of Netanyahu’s admission is Israel’s strong tradition of blaming Palestine for the frozen peace process. Such as this charge in 2016 by Netanyahu at UN General Assembly; "Now here's the tragedy, because, see, the Palestinians are not only trapped in the past, their leaders are poisoning the future.
It seems, in contrast, Netanyahu wants to trap the present, for the future.

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