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Netanyahu threatens to inflict "very painful blows" on Hamas

By F. Abagnale - October 15, 2018
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On October 14, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened to inflict “a very powerful blow” to Hamas after the upsurge of violence in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu declared during the Israeli Council of Ministers sitting; “Hamas apparently didn’t understand the message: if it doesn’t stop its attacks, they will stop in another way, in the form of powerful blows, very powerful indeed.”
Later during the day, Israeli Forces declared a strike had been launched from incendiary balloons on Israel from the northern Gaza Strip.
Moreover, the Israeli government decided the previous week to stop the Qatari supply of fuel to the Gaza Strip.
This supply was intended to relieve the Israeli embargo on the supply chain and appease the tensions with the Palestinian populations after a few months of protests.
Israel Minister of Defense stated on Twitter that the shipments of oil would only be resumed if protests, use of incendiary balloons and burning tires against Israeli people stopped altogether.
The agreement negotiated by the UN and supported by the USA was supposed to supply gallons of fuel paid by the Qatari government, who supports Hamas.
The fuel was meant to supply the only power station of the Gaza Strip and allow four daily hours of energy use for the inhabitants.
This embargo on fuel could be a harbinger for a rise in tensions in the Gaza Strip.
Netanyahu had already refused, earlier this year, for food supplies to be delivered to the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom checkpoint.
Those bans are, for sure, a hint that social and political tensions will break out shortly, and might even lead to a fourth war between Israel and Hamas (succeeding the 2008, 2012 and 2014 wars).

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