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Israeli forces raid Ramallah, disregarding Area A under Palestinian Authority

By F. Abagnale - October 01, 2018
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On September 30, six Palestinians were injured and three Palestinians, including one woman were arrested in Bath Al-Hawa neighborhood in north Ramallah during violent clashes with Israeli forces.

Earlier in the day Israeli Forces blocked the road and forced traffic to turn divert.
They then surrounded the neighborhood and deployed soldiers on the roof of houses to avoid any movement of residents.
Later in the day, soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the Palestinians
in the neighbourhood, according to Anadolu agency.
According to WAFAnews, one of the injured was a Reuters journalist identified as Mohammad Turkman, who was shot in the foot by a rubber bullet.
Civilian demonstrators further suffered asphyxia due to tear gas.
The raid by the Israeli Forces falls in Area A and is a violation of the OSLO II agreement signed in September 1995 by Israel and the PLO.
This agreement divided the West Bank in three administrative areas, with Area A, being under full Palestinian control, Area B, under joint control with Israeli forces and the Palestinian Authority, and Area C, which is under control by Israel.
The area entered to make arrests on Sunday is therefore formally forbidden for the Israeli forces and citizens.
With the “Operation Defensive Shield” in 2002, Israel failed to respect this agreement and multiplied the raids in Area A to dismantle Palestinian TV Channels and arrest Palestinians during the night without the accord of the Palestinians Authority.
Already at that time, the Palestinian Security Forces General Adnan Damiri was concerned about the situation.
Interviewed by LE MONDE, in March 2002, Damiri declared, “the system of Area A, B, C provided by OSLO II has been destroyed because the Israelis push into all the West Bank. They don’t recognize anymore our authority [Palestinian Authority] in Area A. (…) Every night they make raids, in Ramallah, Hebron, Tulkarem or in any Palestinians city.”
The increase of the Israelis raid in Area A and the non-respect of the OSLO II agreement, destroys the peace process.
The infringement of the Accord is just one aspect of all impunity of Israel in Palestine, under the incredulous gaze of the international community, which can lead sometimes to the war crime.

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