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You canít call it a deal, unless there are two sides

By Martin Leeper - March 21, 2018
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It is clear President Trump does not know a lot about the geo-political landscape. He has also made it plain he doesn’t plan on learning. 

Between his consistent inconstancy, his political appointees, surrounding staff, and his concern for loyalty over truth, the Trump administration has concocted some pretty deceitful policy agendas.
From a travel ban on countries without a public threat, to a tax plan for the rich touted for the middle class, to a border wall to keep people out - even though most new undocumented immigrants actually overstayed legal visas - the Trump administration has a history of saying one thing but meaning something very different.
Last week, Saudi officials provided the Palestinian Authority with the Trump Administration’s “Deal of the Century”. It is a roughly 30 page document on how to bring peace to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
A deal, as defined, is an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit. In Trump tradition, this deal is anything but mutual.
The deal calls for  drawing new borders, giving Palestine control of only Area A and B (about 40% of the landmass), no settlements evacuation, giving East Jerusalem to Israel and creating a new Jerusalem from the eastern suburbs for Palestine. Of course, Israel would remain in control of borders and security.
It would also lay to rest any notion of a Palestinian refugee’s 'right to return’. It would relocate the population permanently outside of Israel and take away their refugee status.
This comes at a time where the Knesset pushes forward a bill further defining Israel as a Jewish nation-state. This bill would enshrine Jewish doctrine into the law and additionally minimizing Palestinians or any non-Jewish people’s right to citizenry within Israel.
Considering this deal disregards entirely the desires or sovereignty of Palestine, Palestine’s President, Mahmoud Abbas, calls the deal of the century the “Slap of the Century”.
With the weight of American power, the US does not see it necessary to confer with Palestine, saying; “the plan is not for negotiation, it’s for implementation”.
Due to the insincerity of a US “deal” being made without both parties, it is not surprising in a recent public poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, 51% of Palestinians believe the Palestine Authority should reject it, regardless of its content.

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