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Muhammed Mubarak, 20, killed by Israeli military

By Hannah B. - February 02, 2014
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On the 30th of January, 20 year-old Muhammed Mubarak, a resident of Jalazone refugee camp, was killed by the Israeli military after he was shot from a close distance. He was working as a traffic controller at the time. The incident happened just north of Ramallah, the de-facto capital of the West Bank.
Israeli media reports that Mubarak was armed with a machine gun and have labelled him as a 'terrorist’. In response to the Israeli military reports, Mubarak’s father, a member of the Jalazone Popular Committee, noted that the Israeli soldiers “make everyone seem like a terrorist, they all look the same to them.”
Palestinian witnesses insist that Mubarak was unarmed, and was harassed by Israeli soldiers who provoked and taunted him while he was working as a traffic director on a project managed by USAID. Ma’an News Agency reported that the soldiers taunted Mubarak, asking him to remove his jacket, and walk back and forth.
the Israeli daily, JPost, released an image of the machine gun that Mubarak was thought to have used to try and shoot the soldiers. Palestinian eyewitnesses say Israeli soldiers placed the gun next to his head to make it seem as though he was guilty. They also say they heard the soldiers instructing Mubarak to climb a fence, moments before shooting him.
Mubarak was a “quiet, loving boy”
Mahmood Abd Alazeez Mubarak, the victim’s father, described Mubarak as “a quiet, loving boy and all the people in the camp liked him.” His cousin told the Palestine Monitor about the work Mubarak did regarding human rights and drug prevention in his community. The day before his death he had been handing out advocacy posters to encourage drug users to seek help, insisting he was “so nice to everyone, everyone likes him.”
According to eyewitnesses, Mubarak was shot in the leg and the stomach before he received a final bullet in his back. An autopsy revealed that he was shot from a close distance. Ambulances were prevented from accessing the body by the Israeli military for four hours.
His father travelled to the scene as soon as he heard of the news but was also prevented from getting to the body. Israeli soldiers travelled with the body to the hospital in Ramallah.
Claims from the Israeli military “make no sense”
A resident of the camp, who is a close friend of the victim’s family, explained that what the Israeli military claim happened makes no sense. “If you want to shoot soldiers you need to go somewhere where you can run and hide, this is an open area, there is no place to hide, no walls, no houses, no buildings, no tunnels.” His uncle added, “you can see everybody, it’s in the middle of the day, and you wouldn’t shoot someone from there.”
Mubarak’s father explained that he could not imagine his son shooting an Israeli soldier. “He was so calm, he was not violent.”
Calls for an international investigation
Al-Akhbar English reported that Palestinian housing and public works minister Maher Ghneim has “called on international organisations to investigate the incident.” However, it seems unlikely that the Israeli military will release any video footage that will assist an international investigation.
A total of 27 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank last year, according to statistics released by BT’Selem.

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