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Trump’s Jerusalem declaration sets off protests across Palestine

By Rhiannon F. - December 08, 2017
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President Donald Trump's declared the United States recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, resulting in protests and clashes across the West Bank and Gaza.

On Wednesday at 1pm local time, Trump officially announced the move of the Israeli US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It will be the first country to do so.

Remaining protestors gather outside of American House in Jerusalem after the protest at Damascus Gate was shut down by police.


While Israel claims all of Jerusalem as its capital, Palestinians see East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. The international community does not recognise Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem, which it considers occupied territory.

Directly after hearing his live speech, hundreds of protestors took to the streets of Gaza City, burning American flags and posters of Trump.

Also, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, around 50 people gathered at al Manara square to make their way to Beit El checkpoint to protest the declaration.

A young Palestinian collects stones to hurl at IDF soldiers in Beit El

Fifty- two-year-old Ramallah local, Mohammed Saleh reiterated Jerusalem is the home of the Palestinian people. “Trump he is crazy. Why else would no president before him do this? Because Trump is for the Jewish not America,” Saleh told Palestine Monitor.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had been warned by Trump of his decision by phone on Tuesday, and called for 'three days of rage’ across the country.

Protests however only really kicked off on Thursday as Palestinians across the West Bank attended planned demonstrations as well as spontaneous clashes at checkpoints and other friction point with the Israeli army.

Youth burn tires near the entrance to the illegal Israeli settlement of Beit El.

Hundreds of protesters congregated in al Manara square before making their way to the Israeli illegal settlement of Beit El where they were faced with live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas.

In Bethlehem, 100 protestors marched towards the segregation wall, clashing with the IDF who soon climbed onto building rooftops and fired rubber bullets.

Within Jerusalem, the heart of the Palestinian struggle, around 40 people protested at Damascus Gate in the Old City, raising the Palestinian flag before Israeli soldiers confiscated it and closed down the whole area.

Fires burn at the forefront of clashes in Beit El, as young Palestinian girls look on.

Protestor Salwa, of East Jerusalem, exclaimed Donald Trump didn’t have the right to decide the Palestinian history.

“We’re here to tell the world and America that we are the people in this land, not the Jews, the settlers and the soldiers. This is our land,” Salwa told Palestine Monitor.

In the clashes across the West Bank and Gaza, 108 people have been wounded in total, according to the Red Crescent Society, including at least 7 by live ammunition and about 70 tear gas injuries.

As protests broke out after Friday prayers the following day, some 250 Palestinians were injured, according to the Ministry of Health.

Palestinians facing Israeli forces hurling tear gas and bullets in Beit El.

A general strike was also held in Thursday across East Jerusalem and the West Bank, with the majority of shops closed besides small, side of the road vegetable stalls.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has stated Trump’s declaration essentially means the US is withdrawing from the role it has played over the last decade regarding the peace process between Israel and Palestine.

“The US Administration has chosen to go against all the international and bilateral agreements and ignore the international consensus as expressed by the leaders of the world,” Abbas stated.

Ahead of Trump’s announcement, a large extent of the international community condemned the US embassy move, including the US public.

As shown in a survey by Brooking Institution 63 percent of Americans oppose the move, with only 31 percent in support.

Protestors run from tear gas fired in Bethlehem.

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