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Dr. Mustafa Barghouti: Netanyahu’s fascist speech at UN puts nail in coffin of negotiations

September 30, 2014
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Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nation’s New York City headquarters on Monday revealed Israel’s true intentions to liquidate the Palestinian cause and its attempt to circumvent it by calling for the normalization of relations with Arab countries while outright ignoring the Palestinian issue, according to Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian Initiative. 

At a press conference in Ramallah Monday evening Barghouti said that Netanyahu’s “fascist, aggressive and fierce” speech was “full of lies and fabrications and an attempt to mislead.” He added that Netanyahu had blatantly ignored the Palestinian issue as a whole, completely rejecting Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. 

Barghouti added that Netanyahu’s speech attempted to do away with the humanitarian values of the Palestinian people, and instead tried to rebrand them as another version of the Islamic State militants currently reaping havoc across much of Iraq and Syria. In drawing connections between Hamas and Islamic State militants, Barghouti argued, Netanyahu attempted “to justify the war crimes committed by the [Israeli] army” in the Gaza Strip throughout this summer’s Operation Protective Edge. 

Barghouti said that Netanyahu’s blatant regard for human rights and the jurisdiction of the UN Human Rights Council was a clear sign of Israel’s growing international isolation. He said that the State of Israel was quickly heading toward a fate similar to that of the apartheid regime in South Africa. 

Barghouti argued Netanyahu’s attempts to flirt with some of the Arab regimes, pitting them against the Palestinians and other regional powers, reveal the deeply set racism within the Israeli government. 

Netanyahu’s speech on Monday “fired a bulled into the recent so-called death march of negotiations and the overall approach set forth within the Oslo Agreements,” Barghouti said. He stressed Israel clearly does not accept the Palestinians’ right to freedom or the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. 

The speech, according to Barghouti, made three things clear:

1. The need to abandon the illusion of final negotiations with the racist government of Israel, and the similar need to adopt a new alternative national strategy aimed at changing the balance of power. The strategy, according to Barghouti, should be based on resistance in all its forms, national steadfastness, and the immediate creation of a unified national leadership.

2. The need to sign the Rome Statute without delay and to subsequently “drag the Israeli war criminals to the International Criminal Court.” 

3. The importance of escalating the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. 

“Despite the disgusting, fascist nature of Netanyahu’s speech, it was useful because it redefined the full of picture of Israel and the nature of the challenges facing the Palestinian people, and the importance of our collective struggle for freedom, justice, and human rights of the Palestinian people,” said Barghouti in his closing remarks. 

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