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Palestinian found killed in Jerusalem, police investigates the possibility of a revenge attack

July 02, 2014
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Photos of Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir.
The body of a Palestinian teen was found dead and burned in West Jerusalem early Wednesday morning. 
Israeli police found the charred body of 16-year-old Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir around 7 am, hours after locals say the boy was forced into a car by Jewish Israeli men just outside his home in the Shufat neighborhood of Jerusalem. 
It is unclear whether the killing was an attack designed in attempt to revenge the killings of three Israeli settlers, whose bodies were found Monday evening near Hebron. The police are investigating the cause of death and have yet to officially identify the body.
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas declared that Israel “bears the full responsibility for this incident”, adding that “the Palestinian leadership will continue its discussions following this escalation, including joining international organizations”, according to Haaretz
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded an immediate investigation to the Palestinian’s murder and reminded both Israelis and Palestinians “not to take the law into their own hands”, the website added.
Twelve people were injured in clashes with Israeli security forces after news of the teen’s kidnapping and killing broke earlier this morning. About 200 Palestinians clashed with Israeli police near the Abu Khdeir’s  home in Shufat earlier this morning. Protests have escalated in the area throughout the day. 
Israeli police have now entirely closed the area to both civilians and journalists. Police are using tear gas and rubber-coated bullets against the protestors. Three of those injured thus far have been journalists.
Israeli authorities closed the Temple Mount earlier in the day in an attempt to avoid further clashes, the Times of Israel reported.
News of the killing came just hours after several hundred right-wing Israeli protestors marched through the center of Jerusalem on Tuesday, chanting “death to Arabs” and other racist slogans. The police reported three assaults on Palestinians in the city, one of them against a worker at a fast-food restaurant. The attacker was jailed overnight and close to 50 protestors were arrested, Israeli military authorities reported. 
The police rescued eight Palestinians from the mobs, according to Yehudith Yarenot


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