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The Palestine Monitor

  • Against a hard surface | April 21, 2017
    To coincide with the opening of the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, Palestine Monitor went backstage with one of the participating dance companies, the Yaa Samar! Dance Theater (YSDT). Their piece uses "walls" as a metaphor for the barriers people impose on themselves, as well as those inflicted by the occupation. .....
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  • Lifta: the struggle over Palestinian memory | April 05, 2017
    2,250 Palestinians lived in Lifta before the entire population was expelled in 1948, during the Nakba. Hundreds of Palestinian villages had a similar story but Lifta is different because it is the only one that was neither destroyed nor inhabited again. .....
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  • How Israel slashes the cost of occupation | March 08, 2017
    A report published today by B’Tselem says Israel systematically fails to pay compensation to Palestinians harmed by its security forces in non-combat situations, lowering the price of harming Palestinians while “maintaining a false show of a functioning justice system.” .....
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  • Israel passes law to bar BDS supporters from entering the country | March 07, 2017
    The Knesset passed a law barring foreign nationals who support a boycott of Israel from getting visas or residency permits. Critics say the move violates freedom of expression and will serve to further isolate the country. The law will also apply to Palestinians with temporary residency status in Israel. .....
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  • The Amona stalemate | January 25, 2017
    Settlers from the illegal Israeli outpost in the West Bank have backtracked from an earlier deal to relocate a few metres from their current location, calling for renewed protests. .....
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  • Palestinians protest amid Israeli calls to pardon convicted soldier | January 05, 2017
    Israeli soldier who killed motionless Palestinian attacker was found guilty of manslaughter and could face a maximum 20 years in prison. Netanyahu and other Israeli politicians have stated their support for a pardon. But while Azaria is the only soldier undergoing trial for the killing of a Palestinian in 2016, the case is not an isolated incident .....
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  • UNSC resolution a “very powerful base” for advancing BDS efforts | December 27, 2016
    The resolution adopted last Friday by the UN Security Council, reaffirming the illegality of all Israeli settlements and demanding an end to settlement construction, was welcomed by most Palestinian analysts as a good legal base to advance the BDS campaign, take Israel to the ICC and demand sanctions. But words must be translated into action. .....
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  • Bethlehem gets ready for Christmas | December 21, 2016
    Watch: Despite a lack of funding to restore the world-famous Church of the Nativity and competition from Israeli tour operators, locals are determined to draw visitors and promote Palestine beyond religious sites. .....
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  • The women waging peace | December 12, 2016
    A 30,000-strong non-partisan Israeli women’s movement is trying to influence the country’s leadership to go back to the negotiating table. At least 1,000 Palestinian women joined a two-week march the movement organised last October. But with settlement construction continuing unabated and the Knesset drafting laws that, Palestinians say, are set to bury the two-state solution for good – the movement is not without its critics. .....
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  • Theology professor deported on grounds of support for Israel boycott | December 06, 2016
    On Monday, Israel denied entry to a senior official from the World Council of Churches (WCC) citing her organisation’s involvement in pro-Palestinian activism in the West Bank and alleged support for BDS. It’s the first time Israel deports a foreign national explicitly for involvement with boycott activities. .....
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  • Building a “culture of resistance” in Nabi Saleh | November 12, 2016
    The Nabi Saleh Cultural Committee held its first conference this weekend under the title “Occupation, the enemy of religions and humanity.” The two-day event attracted locals as well as international and Israeli supporters as both audience and speakers. Many of them were familiar faces. The village of 550, located some 20 km north of Ramallah, has been at the centre of the Palestinian non-violent protest movement since it began demonstrating against land annexation by the nearby Israeli settlement of Halamish in December 2009. .....
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  • Press release: No visa to Canada for PLC member Dr. Mustafa Barghouti | August 09, 2016
    Invited by Canadian political party Quebec Solidaire to participate in the Parliamentarian and Local Councillors’ Forum on August 10 2016 in Montreal within the framework of the World Social Forum, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Palestinian MP and chairman of the Palestinian National Initiative movement, was not granted a visa by the Canadian authorities. .....
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  • Newly erected village of Al Manatir attacked by settlers and army | February 02, 2013
    Following in the footsteps of the creation of the Bab Al-Shams village, a group of activists have cooperated in order to build Al Manatir, a Palestinian village in the land of Burin. Palestinians and solidarity activists built up tents and huts in order to maintain Palestinian presence on their land which is under the threat of confiscation... .....
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  • Settlers rally against Palestinian state | September 22, 2011
    Israeli settlers across the West Bank staged a coordinated day of protest on Tuesday near Ramallah, Nablus and Hebron, in direct response to the coming attempt by the Palestinian Liberation Organisation to gain United Nations recognition of an independent Palestinian state on 23 September.The largest of the rallies was held at the Itamar settlement .....
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