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Newly erected village of Al Manatir attacked by settlers and army

By The Palestine Monitor - February 02, 2013
Section: [Main News]
Tags: [Burin] [Al Manatir] [Popular struggle committee] [settler violence]

Following in the footsteps of the creation of the Bab Al-Shams village, a group of activists have cooperated in order to build Al Manatir, a Palestinian village in the land of Burin. Palestinians and solidarity activists built up tents and huts in order to maintain Palestinian presence on their land which is under the threat of confiscation for the continued illegal Israeli settlement expansion.  

Shortly after the tents were established, several illegal Israeli settlers from a nearby settlement began to attack the area. The Israeli army were present and did not prevent the acts of violence by the settlers. Excessive sound grenades and toxic tear gas canisters are being shot directly at Palestinian activists. Several Palestinians have already been arrested while others are injured.

The fact that the Israeli army are silently watching while Israeli settlers attack activists and steal Palestinian tents in the newly established village indicates more than ever that Palestinians live in a system of apartheid. Palestinians are forbidden from building on their own lands, while illegal settlers are openly welcomed.

Despite the continued Israeli aggression on Palestinians, we will continue our non violent struggle and we will not stop until justice and freedom prevails. Dr. Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian Initiative stated, “If Israel destroys a village, we will build another. If Israel demolishes a tent, we will build ten more.”

Photo by Abir Kopty

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